Thanks for coming to see how we could help with your HTML emails for marketing and newsletters.

One of the things we do is design engaging emails that our customers can send to their customers, like these ones:

We could provide this service to yourself too if you needed it, however this demo is more about how to encourage potential customers to add themselves to your contact list and to show you the process they'd go through to do that.

You may already have a list of customers you want to contact with your emails, but for people who want to subscribe to them, this is where they would start – a signup form. Whether prompting people to subscribe via your website or social media, there are always opportunities to offer incentives to come to your signup form. By way of example and as a genuine offer, after the demo you'll have a special discount coupon should you want to use us for a project.

What we're about to do is subscribe you to our list in exactly the same way you might with your own potential customers. Don't worry, this isn't a trick to get your details or pass them on and you can unsubscribe as soon as the demo is done which means you're no longer on our records. What's more, you'll have a discount coupon if you want to use it.

For the purposes of this demo we have only one field below so that we're able to subscribe you but we can customise your form to gather as much data as you want.

If you're happy with the above, fill in the email address field below and let's move on...
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